Clemens Kuby 

A German writer, director, and founding member of the German Green Party. In 1981, Clemens Kuby became fully paralyzed after a serious injury. Later he undertook a full recovery. This miraculous recovery made him very interested in a variety of healing methods. Despite a permanent spine damage, he continues to live a normal life, writing about our innate ability to heal ourselves through willpower.

If you want to change something, you have to start with yourself. Many of us, including me, unfortunately undergo a change of heart only when their old life conceptions stop working. And that always hurts. I myself was considering my injury the biggest tragedy of my life. Today it is the biggest treasure. With mental healing, you can do the same with your own project. All it takes is to make the fundamental decisions: I want to be healthy! Thanks to the method, that I call spiritual writing, you can create your own script for a new life situation and then live it through.”