Malina / Liška / Nejtek

This instrumental trio is made up of three experienced and respected musicians with backgrounds in different genres who have come together with something that could, with a little licence, be termed ‘country folk jazz’ or ‘new acoustic music’. They gave their first concert in November 2014 in Český Krumlov. In they brought out their album Fragile Bliss on the Animal Music label, with a mix of acoustic music going beyond genres, drawing on jazz and folk roots with a variety of provenances.

The backbone of the group’s repertoire is made up of the compositions of Luboš Malina, a multi-instrumentalist well-known from groups such as Druhá tráva, Garcia, Kon Sira and the Malina Brothers, and the double bass player Tomáš Liška (Druhá tráva, David Dorůžka Trio, Kon Sira and Points Quartet). The pianist Michal Nejtek (Kollerband, Michal Pavlíček and NTS) also pitches in with his contribution.

They interact together to create music which does not have the primary aim of being ‘new’ or ‘different’, but rather (hopefully) joyful, dynamic, playful, open to melody and to excursions beyond genre or stylistic leaps. The future will show how these excursions turn out.

Tomáš Liška – double bass
Luboš Malina – banjo, baritone banjo, kaval, penny whistle
Michal Nejtek – piano, sampling

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Tomáš Liška